A home can never be quoted as just another type of property – it’s a feeling, a sense of security, and the best definition of comfort. 

From choosing the best of furnishings to discovering well-crafted decor pieces, we invest a great amount of time transforming a house into a home. However, a violent storm never considers any of our efforts – it strikes without warning and destroys the beautiful abode we took years to build. Storms, hurricanes, and tornadoes cause extensive damage, especially if you don’t have installations like impact-resistant hurricane windows, storm panels, and hurricane shutters.

If you are someone living near Charleston, SC, you know how devastating storms can be. It’s always better to stay prepared for the worst and take measures to minimize the chaos a storm can cause. Today, we, the team of Muhler, have narrowed down the best storm protection solutions for you. Have a read and know how to head-on with nature’s brutal force –

Ensure a Good Water Drain System

You never know which challenge you might face with the weather. Ensuring a good drainage system will keep water away from your home. It will also aid in protecting your doors and windows.

Clean Gutters

Of course, the second thing you have to take care of is ensuring that your gutters are clean. Make sure your gutter system is free-flowing. The clogging of the gutter system might leave you in jeopardy. Contact professionals for regular inspection and get your gutters cleaned to preserve the structural integrity of your property.

Keep a Close Eye on Doors and Windows

Wind doesn’t need too much space to sweep in. A tiny space between loose doors and windows is enough to cause a terrible problem. A tornadic wind can easily damage a normal window, and hence, it is smart to invest in the latest products that ensure hurricane protection. Installing Fabric Shield storm panels should be your priority to keep your home safe from devastating winds.

Fence Posts are Important

Although not considered that much of importance, fence posts can cause bigger damages to your place. Wind can surprise you in any way, and checking your fence is just another way of ensuring security. Ensure that your fences are in good condition and the footing is tight enough to withstand the strong winds.

Install a Good Storm Protection System

The aforesaid methods are mandatory in protecting the home from the storm. However, you need a much cogent system to safeguard your home entirely from any unlikely damage. A storm protection system ensures that every facet of your home is secured with the newest technology. 

One such storm protection system is Storm Trim Protection System by The Muhler Company. Here’s all you need to know about it – 

Storm Trim Protection System

Looking at the probable chances of the storm in Charleston and nearby areas, our Muhler experts came up with an efficient technology that is the Storm Trim Protection System.

It is a revolutionary new code compliant and economical new ways of protecting windows during the storm. Storm trim can be put on any vinyl windows in Charleston, SC, any door, garage door, or any opening. This protection system meets the provisions of the 2015 IRC and boasts non-corrosive attachment points. 

If you are worried about losing your home’s aesthetic appeal with such attachment points, do not worry. We ensure that the elegance of your home won’t get compromised during the process. The cover strips elegantly conceal the storm trim attachment points and renders it a natural finish. Storm Trim allows for quick & hassle-free installation of code-compliant protective panels. 

Here are other solutions that are loved for being highly effective in storm protection – 

Accordion Hurricane Shutters

Accordion Hurricane Shutters are one of the most popular hurricane shutters, which are cost-effective as well as sturdy enough to protect your home from the stormy wind. This shutter stacks beside the opening when not in use and unfold in accordion style during a storm. 

Impact Vinyl Windows and Patio Doors

Impact vinyl windows and patio doors are specifically designed to shield your home from impacts caused by storms. These windows are specially manufactured with impact-resistant glass treated with a layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) or ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA). Unlike the normal glass, this type of glass window still breaks due to intense impacts caused by wind. Do note that it breaks in a spider web pattern rather than sending out shards of glass. 

Hurricane Rated Storm Panels

Hurricane Rated Storm Panels are an affordable option to protect your home during a storm and tornado. Storm panels are very versatile and can accommodate any opening or space in your home. These are available in many types, including plywood, metal storm panels, plastic storm panels, and fabric storm panels. Out of all of these available options, fabric storm panels are considered much safer and sturdy to shield your home from the storm. 

Fabric Shield with Storm Stud Attachment

Fabric shield with a storm stud attachment is suitable for those looking for some DIY at their home. These are a lightweight, translucent fabric that allows diffused light to enter. These are much more convenient than the former types, and you can even roll them up because of their flexibility. 

If you are looking for robust storm protection solutions for your home, we at Muhler can be of help. We are Charleston’s most trusted provider of house windows, shutters, doors, and high-quality storm protection systems. 

Our factory-trained service technicians can help you shield your home and provide you with glass replacement, window replacements, door repairs, shutter repairs, infrared detection, and so on. Our yearly maintenance program makes sure that your home is up-to-date and properly shielded from natural calamities. 

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